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The McGuire Style blog focuses on men’s fashion in Halifax and beyond! With ten years of experience in menswear and fashion, McGuire Style is your trusted source for menswear tips and knowledge! For daily posts and updates find me on Instagram

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For this blog, I’ve teamed up with North Carolina Stylist, Chris Burns to discuss 10 style mistakes that men make.  Almost everyone can sit down and think of the biggest Do’s & Don’ts in men’s style, but it’s the simple, […]
In this blog, I will discuss some overlooked style hacks for men. These are simple, everyday tips that can help you enhance your style game and help you look your very best. Whether you are getting ready for a first […]
Here’s my essential wardrobe picks for spring style in 2021. As things are slowly getting back to normal, it’s time to start making your outfits count. It’s time to break away from the lounge wear and start looking stylish again. […]
Accessorizing is very important in men’s style and fashion. They are a way to add a splash of ‘you’ to your style. Good accessories can take your outfit to the next level or they can revive a tired, over-worn look. […]
One piece that everyone should have in their closet is a sport coat. For some, there is a misconception that a sport coat is just too ‘dressy’. A sport coat can be used for formal occasions, such as a wedding, […]
The key to dressing good on a first date is confidence. This goes way beyond the outfit you’re wearing. Think about how you’ll present yourself overall. Are you well groomed? Is your outfit properly maintained? Does it fit well? These […]
In this week’s blog, I’m showing some love to menswear’s most beloved slip on. I will share with you how the loafer is one of the most essential shoes for your wardrobe and how to dress it up, or down, […]
In this week’s blog, I will look back at the best outfits worn by athletes over the last year. I will count down from ten to one. With so many great outfits, it’s hard to put them into a particular […]
In cities like Halifax, casual clothing seems to be the preferred style choice for men. A lot of men are opting for casual shoes, due to their overall comfort. A standard dress shoe might be too formal under current living […]
mens sweaters halifax
In this weeks blog I will explore the many options for sweaters for men and how they are key for winter dressing. I will look at several sweaters that you can add to your winter wardrobe to maximize your style. […]
In this weeks blog I will explore and present the 5 Sport Coats that every Halifax man should have in his closet.  Nowadays every man should have a Sport Coat in his closet. It’s a versatile garment that is fit […]
Ginger Beard
When styling and grooming my clients I strive to use the best products. I proudly use Canadian Made products made by hardworking local businesses. I am proud to work with Mammoth Beard Co! Mammoth Beard Co. is a men’s grooming […]