In this weeks blog I will explore and present the 5 Sport Coats that every Halifax man should have in his closet. 

Nowadays every man should have a Sport Coat in his closet. It’s a versatile garment that is fit for a variety of occasions and a variety dress codes. With a Sport Coat you can dress it up or dress it down. It’s a must have piece for your closet. 

Sport Coats Halifax

Living in a Casual Society

Under current conditions, in our more casual society, the Sport Coat is a laid-back option. You can wear it with jeans, khaki or slacks, without having to overthink it. It’s the perfect choice for the everyday Haligonian. With many companies opting for a business casual dress code, several Haligonians have become more tempted or convinced to add a sport coat, or several, to their wardrobe.

Answering the Questions

There are several questions or uncertainties when it comes to the Sport Coat, and the term ‘Business Casual’. For most, it’s about knowing where to start, or how to expand their current wardrobe. 

So how many Sport Coats does a man need, and what kind of fabrics and or colours should they be? The number depends on your lifestyle: the climate where you live, your personal style, and how often you are attending social gatherings. The climate in Halifax is forever changing so you will need to have a variety of weights and fabrics to choose from.

The Top Five

Halifax is known for its nightlife and Pub scene, making it the perfect opportunity to don a Sport Coat! The perfect selection can take you from an elegant dinner at The Bicycle Thief, to a night of slinging back Dark n’ Stormies at The Lower Deck.

Here are 5 Sport Coats that the everyday Haligonian should have in his closet:

1 – The Navy Blazer

The navy blazer is a timeless piece that is simple and versatile. It looks best when worn with contrasting pants. Choose one that is textured in a brighter shade of blue. Go for a slimmer cut to avoid looking boxy. It looks best with tan or light grey chinos. Pair it with a modern brown dress sneaker for a laid back look. It also pairs well with denim. This is quite possibly the dressier version of the Sport Coat. You can wear this one to the office with dress slacks and a tie and then completely revamp your look by subbing the slacks for jeans and ditching the tie; now you’re ready for happy hour.

halifax sport coats
2 – The Fashion Statement

Keep in mind that this one is not as versatile, it’s more of a one off. This is perfect for making a statement or a good first impression. Think cocktail party or first date. It really says remember me; so you’ll want to set it aside for those special occasions. The fashion statement Sport Coat can be patterned and/or brightly coloured. Try going for a windowpane or Glen check pattern. For colours, you could try olive or berry. Go for something outside of your comfort zone. 

sport coats halifax
3 – Tones of Grey

The key is versatility. Believe it or not, there are rules for colour pairing in men’s fashion. A grey toned Sport Coat is a must have. Wear this with your darker slacks like, navy, charcoal and black. Pair this one with a dark wash denim for a sophisticated look. A neutral, patterned button down will make this one stand out. Finish it off with a splash of colour in the pocket. Tie or no tie; it’s up to you. For the winter months, select one in flannel or tweed.

sport coat halifax
4 – The Soft Jacket

Soft constructed Sport Coats are becoming hugely popular due to their sense of ease. The soft Jacket is deconstructed and has no padding in the shoulders. This is one that you can throw on at any moment without over thinking it. This is definitely the most casual option in sport coating. Pairs best with jeans and chinos. Throw it on over a plain T-shirt for an ultra causal look. Not recommended to be worn with dress slacks. 

sport coat halifax
5 – Light Weight Linen

Summer in Halifax can be scorching and humid. That evening stroll along the board-walk on a first date can bring on some serious sweat. This is the best option for summertime wear. A linen Sport Coat is light weight and breathable. You can find linen in many colours and patterns it doesn’t always have to be beige or tan. These look great with dark denim and a pattered button down. The slightly wrinkled texture makes it look like you’re not trying to hard. 

halifax blazer

Continue to Inspire

Style in Halifax is always changing; it’s up to us to continue to inspire others to be well dressed and to take risks with their clothing. A simple sport coat can take a simple outfit to the next level.

So, when it comes time to purchase a new Sport Coat, what will your first choice be?

Stay Stylish