In this week’s blog, I’m showing some love to menswear’s most beloved slip on. I will share with you how the loafer is one of the most essential shoes for your wardrobe and how to dress it up, or down, for any occasion.

Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott, Wearing Loafers

A Rise in Popularity 

Compared to other shoes, loafers are relatively new to men’s fashion, originating in 1930. Loafers have become very popular over the last few years. Recently, they have been featured on several men’s fashion pages. Why has the Loafer become so popular as of late? The loafer is one of the easiest shoes to wear and care for. It’s also the perfect shoe for the summer. They come in a variety of styles such as the Penny, Apron, and the Tassel. Before I explain the various combinations of clothing that can be worn with loafers, let’s look at the options available. It’s the one shoe that can be transferable from winter to summer fashion and can be easily worn with pants and shorts.

The Options

There are many options for loafers on the market; let me tell you about my favourite brand of loafers. DonNino, based out of Montreal, offer a variety of loafers that are fine crafted of high quality materials. They offer a classic apron style loafer that is versatile and can be worn with everyday casual attire, business causal wear, or laid back summer clothing. If you want your shoes to make a statement, these will do the trick. They offer a wide assortment of eye catching colours that will be sure to start a conversation. To learn more about DonNino and shop their styles, click here. Use code MCGUIRE10 at checkout to get 10% off.

Lagoon Blue Loafers From DonNino

How To Wear Loafers With Style

Once you’ve decided on what loafer you will wear and you have them in your closet, the next step is learning how to wear them with style and confidence. The loafer can replace just about any other shoe in your casual wardrobe, while adding a splash of uniqueness to each outfit. Casual loafers can be worn with denim and khakis, or with shorts, during warmer months. Go for jeans and a t-shirt, if you want to keep things relaxed, or a polo shirt and chinos, if you want something a little more dressed up.

Apron Style Loafers Go Perfect With Jeans or Shorts

Clothing Combinations

I will lay out some of my favourite clothing combinations for you to wear with loafers. This is the gentleman’s guide to wearing loafers. Here are the best clothing combinations for loafers:

Loafers with Jeans 

This is one of my favourite ways to wear loafers. Loafers with jeans is a no brainer. This is how you can wear your favourite pair of jeans but in a more stylish, fashionable way. The main rule of wearing jeans with loafers is the fit. Because the loafer is a sleek, more narrow fitting shoe, you need your jeans to compliment this. Choose a pair of jeans that are fitted and hemmed at the right length. The bottom should be fitted closer to the ankle and hemmed a bit shorter than usual. The hem of the pant should sit slightly above the top of the shoe. You’ll also want to show a bit of ankle. You should never wear socks with a loafer, when pairing them with jeans. If you wear a regular dress sock with loafers and jeans it looks awkward and out of place. Instead, go sockless or choose a ‘no-show’ sock. This is a low cut sock that only covers the bottom of the foot and remains hidden by the walls of the shoe. Don’t have time to visit a tailor? If you find your pants are too long, try rolling them up at the bottom.

Pairing loafers with jeans allows you to dress up or down. For those casual affairs, wear loafers and denim with a solid t-shirt. Try wearing a polo, or your favourite button down shirt, for a dress casual option. If there is a need to dress it up more, throw on a classic navy blazer.

Loafers With Suits

Loafers with suits has become very popular in men’s fashion. To pull of this look correctly, your pants need to be properly fitted with a good hem. The hem should rest above the shoe. A cuffed bottom looks great with a pair of loafers. Again, you want the bottom of the pant leg to be nicely tapered. If you are going to wear socks with this look, select a lightweight sock in the same colour tone as your suit. The break of the pant will appear seamless and it will flow nicely with the rest of the outfit. This look is all about selecting the right loafer, make sure your choice is not too casual.

Minnesota Vikings Tight End, Kyle Rudolph, Wearing Loafers With A Custom Suit
Loafers With Shorts

This is one of my favourite combinations. This is perfect for summer dressing. To make a summer outfit standout, pair a causal loafer with solid khaki shorts and a fitted t-shirt. The loafer will become the focal point of the outfit. Make sure that your shorts are fitting properly. Don’t wear anything too loose fitting or too long. The shorts should end at the knee of just above the knee. If you want to dress up this summertime outfit, throw on a button down shirt, roll up the sleeves, tuck it in and pair it with a matching belt. This is a perfect summertime date outfit.

What We Have Learned: The Rules 

  1. Your pants should be slightly tapered and hemmed just above the shoe 
  2. Go for a ‘no-show’ sock, or go sockless when wearing casually 
  3. When wearing with shorts, choose shorts that sit at the knee or slightly above
  4. If wearing with a suit, go sockless or choose a sock that that is the same colour tone of your slacks 
  5. Never wear loafers with baggy clothing
(Left) Halifax Thunderbirds Forward, Kyle Jackson Wearing Loafers With Style

A Closet Staple

Loafers constantly cycle in and out of trendiness, but now remain a closet staple. Over the years, loafers have become increasingly versatile and stylish. Designers have been pushing the boundaries of casual footwear and are now creating high-fashion loafers that fit comfortably. The loafer is now one of the most essential shoes for your wardrobe and can be dressed up or down, for any occasion. If you don’t have a pair already, it’s time to add some into your wardrobe. 

Blue Suede Loafers From Carlo Morandi

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