In this week’s blog, I will look back at the best outfits worn by athletes over the last year. I will count down from ten to one. With so many great outfits, it’s hard to put them into a particular order so, I will rank the outfits based on how they spoke to me personally, by uniqueness and the overall presentation of the outfit.

Looking Back At The Best

As the year is coming to an end, I thought it would be a good idea to look back at some of the best outfits. 2020 was a difficult year, to say the least. Game time was interrupted and pregame outfits became more casual. Although NFL players took their time to shine with a display of ultra stylish, custom-made suits, athletes from all sports were eligible for this list. Some outfits were outlandish and others became memes that will never be forgotten. From Basic to classy, to outlandish, here are my picks for the top ten outfits.

10. Tyrese Haliburton’s Floral Tuxedo

The round one draft pick, for the Sacramento Kings, starts off the countdown. This tux is nothing but unique. The light blue floral fabric, combined with the statement lining, makes this one hard to forget.

Round 1 / Pick: 12 for the Sacramento Kings, Tyrese Haliburton

9. PK Subban’s Leopard Print Top Coat

This one, from back in February, had to make the list. Not enough NHL players get recognized for their pre-game fits. P.K. always shows up to the rink looking fresh. This unique look comes in at number 9.

New Jersey Devils Defenceman, P.K. Subban

8.Conor McGregor’s Custom Grammy Look

The outfit that Conor wore to the Grammys comes in at number 8. A custom dinner jacket, designed by David Heil, for August McGregor. Complete with a frilled shirt and accessories, this look is pure elegance! A suit fit for a king.

UFC Fighter, Conor McGregor at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards

7. Roy Robertson-Harris’ Emerald Green 3 Piece

This one is very impressive. The defensive end pulls this outfit off so well. The unique emerald colour, combined with the classic pinstripes, creates a powerful look. This is the perfect suit to compliment his size and strength, making it land at number 7.

Chicago Bears Defensive End, Roy Robertson-Harris

6. Dak Prescott’s Colourful Windowpane Suit

Dak is without a doubt one of the best dressed players in the NFL. He had many great looks this past year, but this is my favourite. The mix of colours in this custom suit, by Gentleman’s Playbook, is amazing. 

Dallas Cowboys Quarter Back, Dak Prescott

5. Ezekiel Elliott’s Salmon Gingham Silk Suit

This one is a work of art. The pairing with the white sneakers and accessories make the suit standout so well. The peak lapels and ticket pocket give it just enough character. You can be sure that this suit will be imitated by others many times in the months to come.

Dallas Cowboys Running Back, Ezekiel Elliott

4. Cam’s Baby Blue Sport Coat With Cream Vest and Pants

This is such a great look. Not many athletes show up to the game wearing a sport coat. The whole look is put together perfectly. From the loafers to the bow tie, nobody does accessories better than Cam Newton. Since joining the Patriots, he has been making lots of style statements in the world of men’s fashion.

New England Patriots Quarter Back, Cam Newton

3. Conor McGregor’s King of the Jungle Custom Vest 

Conor is, without a doubt, the best dressed in the fight game. His comeback fight, against Cowboy Cerrone, was just as impactful as his press conference outfit. Suits are a way to express your personality; this one did just that. A strong fighter needs a strong outfit. The vest really stands out on this one. A checked suit complete with a lion printed, silk-back vest!

UFC Fighter Conor McGregor, Suiting up

2. Serge Ibaka’s Knitted Scarf

This one had to make the list. It was totally different and unique, making it one of the most talked about outfits of the year. It made such an impact on the world of fashion and was featured heavily in social media. Serge simply labeled the outfit as ‘Art’.

Former Toronto Raptor, Serge Ibaka

Honorable Mention

Tyler Herro’s White Suit with Pink Turtleneck

The No Limit Herro didn’t make the list but at least has to have an honorable mention. The pink sweater is fresh and clean under the white suit, but this 80’s throwback look feels like it’s missing something. 

Shooting Guard For The Miami Heat, Tyler Herro

Honorable Mention

Justin Simmons’ Orange Detailed, Double Breasted

Classic meets unique with this detailed double breasted custom suit. It’s well fitted; the orange detailing in the fabric combined with the orange tie, brings it home. Justin knows how to rock the team colours. It takes a lot of confidence to pull off a double breasted suit.

Denver Broncos Free Safety, Justin Simmons

The Number 1 Spot Goes To…

1. Cam Newton’s Bright Yellow Suit

Newton’s outfits have gained interest far beyond the field. This is Cam’s first pregame fit as a New England Patriot. He arrived to his first game in style with this yellow suit by Ralph Lauren. With a look that pays tribute to ‘The Mask’, complete with ‘BAM’ loafers, this one makes the top of the best outfits list!

Cam Newton arriving at Gillette Stadium

Wrapping Up The List

That wraps up the list. The players of the NFL really shined this year. Pre-game outfits play a major role in the buildup to a game. More than ever, professional athletes are creating fashion statements with their clothing. Athletes from many different realms of sports are choosing to wear well put together outfits while entering the arena, during interviews and press conferences.

What Outfits Will 2021 Bring Us?

Athletes are transforming entrance arena walkways into fashion runways. A whole new audience now tunes in to see the pre-game rituals of their favourite sports stars. The walk along the walls of an old arena is more than just walking to the locker room. It engages new fans, attracts new sponsors and creates new fashion trends. Many of these outfits have been posted to social media and have even been made into memes, which helps these athletes gain recognition. The top outfits even have non-sports fans tuning into to see what suits or outfits will be showcased next. I’m looking forward to see what 2021 brings us for men’s fashion!

Stay Stylish