Accessorizing is very important in men’s style and fashion. They are a way to add a splash of ‘you’ to your style. Good accessories can take your outfit to the next level or they can revive a tired, over-worn look. They allow us to be more creative with our outfits and give us some much needed versatility. By changing them up you can easily create multiple different looks.

Some men struggle with putting together a collection of good accessories. In this blog, I am going to list the 10 accessories that every man should own. These are not just items to be worn with suits and dress clothing; some are everyday essential pieces that are functionable and serve a greater purpose than just styling up your outfit. In no particular order, let’s dive into the essential ten.


Every man should have a good collection of neckties. You should have a variety of ties in different colours, patterns and widths. Different ties are worn for different occasions. Some are for formal events, while others are meant to be worn causally. Within your collection of ties everyman should own a solid black tie, a knit tie and at least one self tying bow tie. 

Please learn how to tie a proper knot. This is a life skill that every gentleman should possess. Don’t ask dad to tie it for you and never go for a clip on, or zip-up. Get out there and practice tying one for yourself. Start with a classic four-in hand knot, later you’ll want to perfect a half Windsor and a Full Windsor knot. After this do some research and experiment with tying other knots; there’s many to choose from. 

Pocket Square

Pocket squares are an easy way to add some personality to your outfit for a low cost. One just won’t be enough. You should look to add several to your wardrobe, in different colours, patterns and materials. There’s lots of patterns to choose from including, stripes, paisley and polka dots. Each pocket square can add a different dimension to your outfit. For a causal look, go for a pocket square in cotton or linen. Choose a silk square for those formal occasions. 

Folding a pocket square is very easy, but It involves a little more than just shoving it into your pocket. Here’s some common folds for you to experiment with: Square fold, puff fold and 3 peak fold. 

Leather Belt

A good leather belt is a closet staple. Every man should have a high quality leather belt, in at least 2 colours: brown and black. Ideally you should have one to match each pair of your leather shoes. Please ensure that you have the right size belt for your waist. A good rule of thumb is to go up one size from your waist measurement. Please do not pull the belt too tight. This is a common style mistake that a lot of men make. Pulling it too tight compromises the fit and look of your pants by creating wrinkles and pulling in unwanted areas. Always go for a high quality belt. Avoid ones that are created with man-made materials and with cardboard inserts. If it has lots of visible wear, it’s time to replace.


This is the foundation of accessories. A good wristwatch is key to a great outfit. This is one of the first things that people notice. A good watch will drive conversations and earn you compliments. One good watch is a must. Choose one that is versatile and can be worn with your causal outfits and more formal ones. Choose a classic leather band or metal one. Once you get into wearing watches you’ll want to build your collection. Some brands to shop for: Tudor, Seiko, Omega and Citizen. Owning a good watch can sound pricey, but there are several watches on the market that look great for a reasonable cost. Shop around and you can get yourself a great watch on a limited budget. 


Sunglasses are much more than a stylish accessory. They are functional and a much needed piece for your wardrobe. In places like Halifax, they are essential for winter driving. Having a good pair, or two, should be a priority. Choose a pair that compliments your facial structure. Avoid choosing ones that are too sporty. The shades should compliment your outfit. Start with some classic aviators, wayfarers or clubmasters. Avoid round lenses, rimless and clip-ons. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing a costume. Please, don’t wear sunglasses at night, while indoors shopping, or at the bar.

Messenger Bag

This is a must have accessory, especially for a man on the go. A good quality messenger bag displays maturity. It’s a step above wearing a backpack. A brown leather bag can add some depth to your outfit and really adds some sophistication.  It’s great for carrying your laptop, tablet and other accessories. Eventually you’ll want to have one in leather to wear with your dressy clothing and one in canvas, for your casual outfits. A messenger bag paired with a suit will make you feel like a true boss.

Tie Bar

One of the most underrated accessories for men. The tie bar, or tie clip, is a perfect accessory to wear with your business attire. Perfect for a first interview or meeting new colleagues. It helps keep the tie in place giving it a neater look and straighter appearance. It makes a great first impression and creates a very polished look. It really shows that you put some time and effort into your outfit. It’s a useful accessory to wear to a dinner meeting. A tie bar will keep your tie out of your food and off of your plate. Just think about the placement of the bar itself; don’t wear it too high or too low. 

Good Socks

Having great socks in your drawer is a must. That one pair of blacks dress socks just won’t cut it. A small selection of socks in different colours would be a good start. Add a few with different colours and patterns that will showcase some of your personality. You’ll want some distinct socks to wear with your causal wardrobe and your dress wardrobe. Socks are a great conversation starter and can be an ice breaker at a wedding, or during a first date. Some novelty socks are ok to wear, just make sure they are appropriate to the time and season. Don’t wear Xmas socks in the middle of summer. Remember to never wear ankle socks with dress shoes. Unless you’re going to the gym, avoid the white tube socks.

Leather Gloves

A great functional accessory. Leather gloves are a must to accessorize your colder weather outfits. These are a must when wearing with a suit or top coat in colder seasons. Never wear ski gloves with a suit or top coat, it shows that you don’t know what you’re doing. You’ll want to grab a sleek fitting pair in brown or black leather. Never go for anything to bulky. You’ll look like a true gentleman when wearing leather gloves with coordinating leather shoes.


A scarf is a timeless accessory that looks great over a topcoat. The scarf to a coat is like icing on top of a cake. This adds a look of sophistication to any outfit. Things to consider when wearing a scarf is the fabric and length of the scarf. Don’t go for anything too bulky, or overly long. A lightweight material like, merino wool, silk, or cashmere looks best. Work on adding several scarves to your wardrobe. You should have have a scarf for each one of your coats in different colours and patterns. Have some fun with your outfit by matching your scarf with other accessories that you’ll be wearing. 

Keep Accessorizing

Now you have the list of essential accessories. This list is comprised of the most functional accessories for the everyday man. There are many that didn’t make the cut. Accessorizing is key, don’t stop adding touches of personality to your outfit. Get out there and experiment with different accessories. Remember to not overdo it; add just enough to make your outfit pop.

To learn ways to accessorize your sport coat, checkout my blog on 3 Ways to Wear A Sport Coat. Or, visit my style inspiration page here. Follow me on Instagram to see more accessories and outfit ideas. Check back weekly, for new blog posts and updates.

Stay Stylish