Here’s my essential wardrobe picks for spring style in 2021. As things are slowly getting back to normal, it’s time to start making your outfits count. It’s time to break away from the lounge wear and start looking stylish again. In this blog, I’m going to discuss 7 must have items for your spring wardrobe.

Let’s checkout the list:

1. Trendsetter Sneakers from Alter Sole

Every good outfit starts with the right pair of shoes. A new shoe can update any outfit and add a new dimension to your favorite articles of clothing. The ‘Trendsetter’ from Alter Sole is a solid, versatile shoe choice. You can practically wear this with anything: from a business casual meeting to a deck party with fiends. It would also make a trendy addition to your wedding day outfit and will give off laid-back vibes. These are a must have for your spring 2021 wardrobe. They come in many color options, from white to black, to denim. There is something for everyone. 

The Trendsetter from Alter Sole is your new go-to shoe

2. Linen Sport Coats

If you don’t own a sport coat by now it’s time to go out and grab one. A linen Sport Coat will be your spring go-to. Skip the windbreaker and opt for one with a splash of color. Linen is the perfect fabric for spring. It’s easy to layer and you won’t overheat. Don’t worry about the wrinkles; this is a common misconception about linen. Most high quality, linen Sport Coats are made with blended fabrics and will not wrinkle too much. Remember, It’s meant to look lived in. It plays on the casual side of things. Give it a quick steam before arriving to your destination and you’re ready to go. If you want to make a statement, grab one in pink, sage or baby blue.

Brands to shop for: Joseph Abboud, Kenneth Cole, Paisley & Gray. 

Linen Sport Coats look great with T-Shirts and Knits

3. Light Chinos

Light colored chinos make a great versatile pant option. They pair well with causal shirts and will be a great contrast with almost any jacket you put on. Colors to think about are white, stone, light tan and light grey. They can be worn with laid-back casual attire or dressed up for business casual occasions. Go for a tapered fit that are mostly cotton. Never settle for poor fitting chinos. The waist should fit firm and the hem should rest at the top of the shoe. If your are unsure of the fit, get measured by a professional.

Brands to shop for: Dockers, Haggar.

4. Fresh Accessories

It’s always important to accessorize your outfits. Small details really add personality to the outfit and brings it all together. Accessories to shop for in 2021 are sunglasses, patterned socks, lapel flowers, pockets squares, bracelets and hats. These are great icebreakers and can really strike up a good conversation. Since it is Spring, go ahead and add some color to your outfits. Use your accessories to make the outfit pop.

Brands to shop for: Aristocrats Bows N’ Ties, Turtle Cove Beads, Nekh Accessories, Dapper Set, Magill Hats.

Add the details: Here’s some great options from Nekh Accessories

5. Floral Button Downs

Button down sport shirts are essential for spring style. Wear them on their own, or under a suit. Floral is making a huge comeback as of late. This pattern contrasts well with most pants and jackets and is a chance for you to add something fun to your outfit. For an ultra casual look, throw one on over a white tee, paired with light colored chinos. Leave it unbuttoned and roll up the sleeves. When it’s  time for happy hour, roll down the sleeves and tuck it in, now throw on your favorite Sport Coat. Don’t forget to finish it off with a stylish pair of shoes.

Brands to shop for: Paisley & Gray, Tommy Hilfiger, Construct 

Floral Shirts are making a huge comeback

6. Solid Tees

Simplicity is key. Sometimes less is more. Everyone should own the basic essentials, such as a variety of solid t-shirts. A solid white crew, or v-neck, is perfect for layering. It allows you to shed off a few layers if you find your self over dressed in any situation. Wear them on their own, under a Sport Coat, or layered under a button down. If you are going to wear it on its own, make sure to add some wrist wear. This will take the focus off bare arms and will make the outfit look complete.

It sounds easy to just throw on a t-shirt. It does require some attention to detail. It’s all about getting the right fit. It should be slightly fitted to the body and the sleeves should sit just above the elbow. Avoid sleeves that flare out. You’ll want the sleeves to fit snug to the arm.

Brands to shop for: Calvin Klein, Boxx Apparel

A classic white Tee, never goes out of style

7. Polo Shirts

A closet staple for men. A good selection of polo shirts in solid colors are essential for spring style. You can wear them for everyday events or dress them up for business casual affairs. Always go for the right fit. They should be slightly tapered through the mid-section. Go for a quality fabric and always avoid bulky fitting ones. Its also good to avoid ones with numbers, and stripes. A lightweight knit, or a polo made of Pima cotton are types I’d recommend.

Brands to shop for: Calvin Klein, Joseph Abboud, Lacoste. 

Solid color Polo shirts are perfect for everyday casual wear

Now you have the closet essentials for spring 2021. It’s time to get shopping and put together your spring wardrobe. For more outfit Inspiration, checkout my blog on 3 ways to wear a Sport Coat. If you have an idea, or wish to collaborate on a future blog contact me here

Stay Stylish