In this blog, I will discuss some overlooked style hacks for men. These are simple, everyday tips that can help you enhance your style game and help you look your very best. Whether you are getting ready for a first date, your wedding day, or a regular day at the office, here are 10 easy style hacks to help you look more polished for those important events. Small things like basic product knowledge and reading the label can do a lot for your personal style. Its the effortless things we do that can make a big difference. Let’s look at the list.

Non-Iron Dress Shirts

Non-Iron dress shirts do exist. It’s not just a fancy label that is thrown on designer shirts. It doesn’t mean that you can’t iron the fabric, it simply means that you won’t have to use an iron to have it be wrinkle free. Its easy care; wash and wear. Non-iron shirts will cost you a little more, but they save time and effort in the end. After washing, simply throw your non-iron shirt in the dryer and take take it out when it’s still hot. These are perfect for when you are getting ready for an important occasion, or if you don’t have access to an iron.

Cedar Hangers

Using proper hangers is key to making your clothes look good. Using poorly constructed hangers is one mistake that a lot of men make. Never hang a suit Jacket on a wire hanger, or a thin plastic one. This will ultimately destroy your suit and compromise the fit of the chest and shoulders. Choose a hanger that has thick, curved edges to support the shoulder seams of the garment. If possible, use cedar hangers. Cedar will remove any odor from the fabric and will cut down on the frequent need to dry clean. 

No Steamer?

Hang your clothes in the bathroom, while taking a hot shower, to remove wrinkles from your clothes. This is a simple hack that is often overlooked. This a great hack to use while travelling, or if you find yourself in a spot where you don’t have access to an iron, or steamer. If you have a suit that needs ironing, leave it in a garment bag with the zipper down and place it on the back of the bathroom door while you are showering. The steam will get into the bag and remove most of the wrinkles. Simple, but effective.

Having Trouble Doing Up Your Top Button?

Flip up your collar to easily button your top button. Many men struggle with getting the top button done up on formal shirts. An easy way to do this is to flip up your collar. This brings the ends closer together making it easier to button. A proper fitting shirt should have a collar that sits firm on the neck. Too many men out there are wearing dress shirts that are too big. You should only be able to insert one finger between your neck and the dress shirt collar. 

Button Extenders

Some times flipping up your collar just wont be enough. Have you ever put on a dress shirt where the body and shoulders fit perfectly, but you just couldn’t get the top button done up? Here’s an easy fix: buy a collar-button extender. These are cost effective and easy to use. Connect the loop on the extender to the top button on your shirt. The extender becomes invisible to the eye and is hidden by the tie knot. Buy a few of these and use them to revive some of the shirts in your closet. If you don’t have time to wait for a custom made shirt, a good off the rack option and one of these should get you by.

Fading Denim?

Wash jeans inside-out to protect the color and stop them from fading. Learning how to properly wash your clothing is ideal. Different fabrics require different care. If you are unsure read the inside label. A good hack to preserve your denim is to wash them inside out in cold water. This will help prevent fading and will keep them looking new and fresh. Hang to dry, or tumble dry on low to avoid shrinking.

Shoe Trees

Use cedar shoe trees to keep the shape of your shoes. Shoe trees are great for taking care of your favorite shoes. When used regularly, they will stop your leather dress shoes from creasing and will eliminate odor. These can be purchased at most shoe stores or traditional menswear stores. They come in different sizes, so make sure you get ones that fit your shoe size. Once you start using these you’ll want one for every pair of shoes you own.

Instant Shine Sponge

Need a quick polish? Don’t have time to polish your shoes? Use a quick shine sponge to instantly shine your shoes. These provide a quick shine that will hide nicks and blemishes. These brushes are small and can be kept in your car or hand bag for easy access. Shoe polishing is a classic skill that most men possess but it can get messy and requires the right products for application. It can also be time consuming for someone lacking in shoe care knowledge. These are great for a quick shine. Just keep in mind that they don’t offer any long term benefits for your shoes, so when you have time pickup a few shoe creams, shine cloth and shoe brush.

Upgrade Your Laces

Make an old pair of dress shoes look new by changing out the laces. Restore a pair of shoes by treating them with care. Use a lather cleaner, and polish cream. Make sure to add a new pair of laces. Or, bring out the instant shine sponge and give them a quick polish. This can save time and money if you are travelling or didn’t get time to get to the store before a big event. Just make sure that you select the right pair of laces for the shoes you have. laces are measured by the number of eyelets on your shoes. Don’t choose anything too long or too bulky. Choose a colored pair of laces to create a fashion forward look, give them a quick shine and you’ll have a like-new pair of shoes. 

Sweating Too Much?

Learn to shop for quality garments. Basic fabric knowledge goes a long way. Avoid polyester if you tend to overheat. Shop for lightweight, natural fabrics like cotton and linen. Look to purchase shirts that are 100% cotton. A good quality dress shirt will eliminate the need to wear an undershirt. Polyester is not very breathable, causing you to overheat and sweat. Always take the time to read the label when shopping. If you are not sure, ask an expert or shop at clothing stores that specialize in menswear.

Good Style Is All About Simplicity

These are basic style hacks that can help you with your everyday style. Good style is all about simplicity. Hacks like these are often overlooked. These simple everyday tips can help you enhance your style game and will have you looking your very best. Small items, basic knowledge and reading the label can do a lot for your personal style.

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