For this blog, I’ve teamed up with North Carolina Stylist, Chris Burns to discuss 10 style mistakes that men make. 

Almost everyone can sit down and think of the biggest Do’s & Don’ts in men’s style, but it’s the simple, less obvious, things that are overlooked. These ‘Don’ts’ are very apparent in small cities like Halifax, but are these mistakes happening in larger areas? After speaking with Chris, these style mistakes seem to be shared internationally among men. Together we came up with a list of 10 style mistakes that men make.

Meet The Bloggers

Bobby McGuire – A men’s style coach and wardrobe stylist from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Owner of McGuire Style, a men’s personal styling agency offering personal shopping and one-on-one consultations. 

Halifax Style Coach, Bobby McGuire

Chris Burns – A men’s stylist and social media coordinator from Charlotte, North Carolina. Chris has worked in several high-end menswear stores including Paul Simon Company.

Charlotte Menswear Stylist, Chris Burns.

Now, let’s look at 10 style mistakes that men make: 5 mistakes listed by McGuire and 5 by Chris.

Not Focusing on Fit

By Chris – Too many guys spend too much of their time just looking for something trendy or “in style”, and not enough time searching for clothes that fit them the best. You can have the coolest outfit you want, but you’ll look silly it it doesn’t fit you right. Focus on fit first. Find what type of clothes fit you and your body type the best.

’Matching’ Fabrics

By McGuire – Many men out there think that it’s a must that their suit jacket and pants have to be an exact match. This is wrong. If you have a black suit that you have lost the pants to, don’t waste time on trying to find matching ones. You’ll never find one that will be perfect. yes black is black, but its more complicated than that. You have to consider wear patterns, differing textures and tones.

If you have lost the pants, or have damaged the pants that belong to your suit, it’s time to shop for a new one. If the coat is still fitting nicely, you can always wear it as a blazer with denim or contrasting pants, but not ‘matching’. Trying to come up with an exact match never works and it looks like your just didn’t nail it. Think of it as a DIY project gone bad. Also, you should never wear a black blazer with black pants. Mix it up, wear it with tan or grey slacks. 

Neglecting Fabric Choices

From Chris – Not all fabrics are made the same. Some are much nicer than others. Some are also meant for warmer temperatures (i.e. linen and/or silk), while others are meant for colder weather (i.e. cashmere, alpaca, tweed). Identify what type of climate you’ll be in most, and then make your selections based on that. Invest in higher quality fabrics and your clothes will last longer as well. This is the easiest way to have a well-rounded and functional wardrobe. 

Poorly Tied Ties

By McGuire – A skill that every man should possess is tying a good tie knot. I see this a lot: A great suit, shirt and shoes topped with a really bad tie. The tie is bad because it isn’t tied properly. A good knot for beginners is a four-in-hand knot. Don’t go for anything too big, or overly square. It should be tied snug with a good dimple. It’s also important to pay attention to the length of the tie. It should rest at the top of your belt. You can have the perfect outfit but if the tie is too long, or short, it can ruin the overall presentation.

You should also never leave your tie tied up after wearing it. This ruins the fabric and if you want to experiment with other knots later on, the tie will be out of shape and frail. Wear it, leave it untied and hang it properly until its time to wear it again.

Being Close-Minded 

By Chris – So many people start their style journeys with a certain amount of hesitance and downright reluctance. While it’s important to have a personal style aesthetic, it’s also key to be open to trying new things and experimenting. You’re not always going to end up liking the results of that experiment, but switching things up and being creative is the best way to find out what you like on you, and subsequently what you don’t as well. 

Wearing the Wrong Belt

By McGuire – The known rule in menswear is to match your belt to your shoes. This means matching your leathers. If you are wearing brown dress shoes you should be wearing a brown leather belt. The same goes for black. A lot of men get the color matching part right, but the belt is still inappropriate to wear. If wearing with a suit, it shouldn’t be too causal. It shouldn’t be too wide, and avoid large buckles. It needs to be current and in good condition. 

Wearing the Wrong Shoes

By Chris – There are simply the right shoes to wear and then the wrong shoes to wear. Again, fit is key. Get shoes that fit the right way and your feet will thank you. Get a nice pair of brown dress shoes and a pair of black dress shoes. Too many guys don’t have shoes for the right events or occasions. Don’t be one of them.

Wearing the Wrong Socks

By McGuire – Socks are a great way to complete an outfit and to show off some personality. Everyone should own a vast collection of dress socks. A dress sock doesn’t mean that it has to be solid black. That one pair of black socks won’t cut it. It’s very easy to wear the wrong pair of socks. If you’re wearing a suit, or dress pants, don’t wear tube socks. You should never wear ankle socks or athletic socks with dress attire. You should choose a lightweight sock that compliments the colors of your outfit and other accessories. 

Just Letting Their Significant Other Pick Out Their Clothes

By Chris – Yes, y’all: it’s very, VERY important that your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, etc. likes what you wear. After all, they’re the ones who look at you most. BUT, it’s essential that you develop your own opinions on your style/fashion choices, as well as be able to make your own decisions on them. It shows that not only do you care about how you present yourself, it’s also a way to showcase creativity and self-love. Don’t be someone who just defers to their SO every time they have to pick out an outfit. It reeks of insecurity. 

Wrinkled Clothes

By McGuire – Learning how to take care of your clothing is key for good style. There’s a few items that every man should have in order to take good care of his clothing. Wrinkled clothing is an eye sore and will be quickly noticed. You should learn how to properly iron you clothes. A hand held steamer is also a great tool to have. Give your garment a quick steam before heading off to your event. 

Caring for dress pants seems to be a problem area for a lot of men. Not knowing how to fold and hang a dress pant is unacceptable. If you don’t fold them properly on the crease they will easily become wrinkled and you will be left with the double crease line. 

Now you’ve seen the list of style mistakes. These are only 10, but probably the most important 10 to get right. How many of these mistakes have you made? Not every one is perfect, but with a bit of guidance and learning, you will enhance your style game in no time. 

If you are looking for more style tips checkout the blog 10 Style Hacks For Men. For daily style inspiration and clothing ideas, visit my Instagram page here. To learn more about Chris, checkout his Instagram page here. Let’s correct those style mistakes.

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